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Robotic Process Automation
Our Core Services


Robotic Process Automation


Candidate processes are identified across the organization and evaluated in terms of automation feasibility as well as ROI. A process backlog is then filled in according to the organizational priorities of the customer while stakeholders are coached on how to get the most out of RPA.


Current and future state RPA-enabled processes are documented. The appropriate technical solutions are proposed taking into account critical technical and operational requirements.


The automated workflow is developed and comprehensively tested based on the as-is and the future state process documentation.


The automated workflows are integrated into the live production environment and the stakeholders are briefed on the new process.


The automated workflow is monitored during a variable hypercare window that ensures it is executing the tasks as designed and according to all business requirements.


The automated workflows are refined in order to ensure optimal performance throughout and to minimize the number of robots needed.

Robotic Process Automation

step into the robotics revolution

Why RPA?

RPA is more economically efficient than regular straight-through processing automation. Implementing RPA for rule based business processes also enables human beings to shift their focus from repetitive tasks to tasks requiring emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment and interactions with the customers. Your processes will be performed faster, on time and with a lower percentage of errors.

step into the robotics revolution

We deliver every solution at a high standard of quality from the start

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Agile and accurate delivery is our key differentiating factor. We focus on making sure you get the most out of RPA and provide excellence in customer service.

PRODUCTIVITY – We can help you select the best process candidates for automation thus allowing your employees to focus on higher value-added activities while improving both business results and targeting cost reduction.

ACCURACY – We make sure to reduce mistakes on repetitive tasks, increase data quality and reduce compliance risks.

Robotic Process Automation

The quality of our services is guaranteed by our experience and professionalism.


We are a young, passionate and creative team that delivers custom and powerful solutions.


We will guarantee from the beginning of the project the reliability and safety of our automated workflows.

Awesome Team

Meet our talented core team.

Robotic Process Automation

All of our team members are experienced RPA professionals that are also UiPath certified. With us you’ll have access to senior consultants that implemented multiple complex automated workflows for global companies in multiple business domains and departments.

Our Board of Advisors

Robotic Process Automation About RPA

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Robotic Process Automation About RPA

Alexander Naghi

Head of Business Development

Robotic Process Automation




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Here's what they say about us

We are very confident we made the right choice!

Partnering with Robotics Revolution has been a very productive and enjoyable experience. We managed to expand our digital workforce with 6 new robots performing 12 new processes in just a couple of months. Our new digital colleagues allowed us to burn through our case backlog in no time and make our day to day activities more efficient. Their team was available late at night or during weekends to answer our questions and always listened and adapted to our needs. We are very confident we made the right choice!"
Lileta Danau
Retail & Support Loans Administration Manager at FB
It was the perfect end to end solution for my business!

"Automation was something I needed but didn't know how to craft. I have tried to work with other companies but none of them had RR's seamless process for discovering, documenting, developing and delivering our automated processes. Robotics Revolution's strategy and automation know-how have been at the core of our culture from the beginning. RR exemplifies Agile and the process was quick and simple. They saved me countless hours and the final robot exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect end to end solution for my business!"
Dan Bratasanu
CEO at GambIT Digital
Best Bang for Your Buck!

"When it comes to RPA there are loads of providers that talk a good game but RR can indeed help you make it happen. They will enable, coach and give you the confidence to widely implement RPA. Our engagement proved to be a very good value and the business results were great."
Cristina Duta
Automation Leader